The Code and Hollywood?

I recently went to go see “The DaVinci Code” here in Japan. I read the book last year while living in Ireland just to see what the whole hype is/was about. While reading this book, I was taking back to my highschool days of when I was a bit into the whole conspiracy theories and unknown realm.

The first thought that ran through my mind while reading “The DaVinci Code” was, that this is a completely plagiarized novel. Well, not the whole thing but the main idea of it is taken from other materials, and the research is simply written and presented in a fictional and more entertaining matter. Though, part way through the book, the character Sir Leigh Teabing, played by Ian McKellen (who I must say is a great actor, and did a pretty good job of representing a slightly fanatical billionaire. Can’t say that it was Audrey Tauou’s best performance… she seemed to be a tad rigid in the film for me, I’m not sure if serious roles fit her character, though she has been type-cast into certain more light-hearted, innoccent roles) mentions about a published novel that provide a great insight into the so-called “Royal Bloodline”.

I recall reading The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln back in high school, along with the sequel, The Messianic Legacy. This book goes into great detail and research in the search for the holygrail. And much of the ideas and even locations are mentioned in Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code. These books were published back in the 80s, and are making quite a comeback now funnily enough. Though, the authors unsuccessfully sued Dan Brown for their material back in April of 2006. Just for side note… just to spur up the whole conspiracy thing, and fun with anagrams, did you realise that the character Sir Leigh Teabing’s surname (who mentions Michael Baigent’s book) is also an anagram for Michael Baigent’s surname? T-E-A-B-I-N-G, B-A-I-G-E-N-T?… Things like this always put a smile on my face. Was this a deliberate act on Dan Brown’s part, or just a freakish coincidence?

One of my favourite books also mentions The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, Umbero Eco’s novel, Foucault’s Pendulum. (Though only briefly, and as a chapter header quote) Personally, I would say that Foucault’s Pendulum is a more intelligent person’s DaVinci Code. Though, even before, HBHG and FP, Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson came out with a great satirical series, The Illuminatus! Trilogy. Robert Anton Wilson also wrote a few more books, the Historical Illuminatus Chronicles, which are all fiction with a great possible fact influence. He certainly allows your mind to wander. Books I actually brought to Japan with me.

One of my favourite concepts risen from the Illuminatus Trilogy is about Henry Ford (the founder of the Ford Motor Company) whose grand master plan was to destroy the world! hee hee. Another side, note… did you know that Henry Ford was apparently a good friend of Hitler? (supposedly gave financial support to the Nazi party in the 30s?) and supposedly Henry Ford considered the first Model-T to run on Hemp oil… Another sure-fire way to start a Hemp/Nazi Conspiracy. tee hee hee. There’s also ideas on how Henry Ford was really trying to destroy the world, (theories that he was a member of a secret society, the Golden Apple [the golden apple of discord which comes from greek mythology from the Judgement of Paris])and he helped that by introducing the assembly plant for automobiles…. Everybody want’s one, and will also help contribute to the destruction of the world.

Dan Brown also has another book out, and it’s totally about the Illuminati,… Angels and Demons. Haven’t read it yet. Also I think that the film, National Treasure starring Nicolas Cage also features the Illuminati… the infamous, eye in the pyramid… Ahhh… it’s all becoming hollywood.

Remember the movie Skulls? starring Joshua Jackson? Well, according to Antony C. Sutton that secret society presented in the film, actually known as the Skull and Bones might be an American chapter of the Illuminati. Skull and Bones being a secret society that started at Yale Univerity back in 1832. And yup… you got it, current US president George W. Bush and even Senator John Kerry as members. Just for more mind-f*ck fun facts, according to reports on the net, Bush reportedly appointed 11 Skull and Bone members to his adminstration in his first term.

Ohhhhh! It’s all interconnected! How scary… tee hee.

Anyways… I think that I’ve wasted too much time. Don’t even think that most of you will get through most of the links either. Anyways… hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. S Woodside

    I tried to read both the Eco books and the Robert Anton Wilson book and got bogged down in the endless complexities and gave up in both cases.

    Besides, with RAW I think you need to either know all kinds of american pop culture history or constantly be looking things up in order to know who’s who.


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