Thoughts for the moment.

As June soon approaches my mind is constantly on the go with various thoughts. Not only will I be heading off to Ireland, but I’ve got a few things I’ll have to plan. At times like these, I find myself constantly online, checking up on flight schedules, fares, trains, buses and you know what? It’s pretty darn stressful, but I enjoy it. Sure, it’d probably be easiest if I went with a travel agent, but some times I find myself knowing a few more tricks of the trade.

So, what’s on my mind for the time being? Well, other than work for course.
– which route to take to visit Ennis (Ireland), Glasgow/Edinburgh (Scotland), and Bridgewater (England).
which airlines to fly with, which airport to go to…
– where to hire a car from, and for how long.
– what to bring with me to Ireland and the UK.
– why am I heading over there?
Ennis – to see my gf of course.
Scotland – to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in over a year.
Bridgewater – to purchase/ pick up a new bicycle.
– which bike to purchase
Surly LHT frame only (frame imported from US, but apparently built in China) [$400US+shipping]
Thorn Sherpa (cheapest Thorn touring bicycle, but frame from China again?) [£700]
Thorn Nomad (great touring bike, built in the UK) [£1200]
Bruce Gordon BLT (great touring bike, built in the US) [$2000US]

etc. etc.

I’m sure that there’s plenty of you reading now, who aren’t interested in bicycles at all. But, there are so many various factors to consider.

Do I ship stuff in from the US, pay for the shipping and then possibly custom charges.
Do I try and get stuff while I’m in the UK, which would negat much of the shipping charges and possibly even get it duty free? etc. etc.

Yeah, I know… my mind is being plagued by menial crap.