Solitary viewing

Last night, I went to the cinema to catch an early evening showing of the film “The Kingdom“. I won’t go into the details for of this film, as that isn’t the point of this blog. I will say that it was full of action and I was not let down. A great intro into the world of the middle-east and its rise as an oil empire.

Anyways, I’m tempted to go to the cinema on a weeknight now. Well, it’s a bit busier on Wednesday night, as it’s “Ladies Day” (Ladies get in for 1000yen, whereas, us blokes are stuck with 1800yen, I’ve always wondered what would happen if the customer was a trans-sexual or a new-half, and to me “Ladies Day” sorta sounds like it’s a day where Ladies have their… day… day of what though?) In anycase, I ended up in the cinema alone. Not the first time, but I enjoy it all the time nevertheless. I can put my feet up, sit pretty much wherever I wish (though, I did end up sitting in my allotted seat) and laugh out loud as much as I want. Something which doesn’t happen in Japan, even when it’s a comedy flick. Laughing out loud at the movies is apparently wrong, and bad manners as you can’t hear the movie. Okay, whatever.

Anyways, can’t say that “The Kingdom” is the kinda film where you’ll be finding yourself laughing out loud many times. I simply enjoyed my private viewing. Paid the same as everybody else but got my own cinema. All these little minions of cinema employees waiting on me. yeah! Felt like a wee treat, like getting your economy class ticket bumped up to first class as the flight was over booked.

I’ve always wondered if films would still be projected when no one bought tickets to the actual show. Could you show up late, walk into an empty theatre and find the movie playing to no one? Would I find cinema employees in there making out?

Anyways, I wonder when the next private viewing of a movie at the cinema will take place.

P.S. To those of you who think that I wasted electricity by allowing the theatre to give me a private viewing. screw you. I loved every moment of it.


  1. Anonymous

    I have to say that I went to a movie alone a few times in my life and I found it to be very depressing… oh well maybe I was just lonely anyway.


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