Pepsi Ice Cucumber

Well, on June 12th (Tues) a weird product was found on the shelves of Japanese shops. A new drink called Pepsi Ice Cucumber… Uhhh…. just like you can expect. It tastes like crap. Well, for me it does. But then again, I guess there are plenty of people in Japan with a different taste pallete. Heck, for many of the Japanese, they can’t stand Dr. Peppers or Root Beer for, for them it tastes like medicine. I guess it sorta does, since the flavour IS root extract.

So what does it taste like?… Uhhh, well it does have a slight cucumber flavour to it, but I’d be honest with that after a single swig, the after taste sorta swirls around and puts a frown on my face. I bought two 500ml bottles, and that was a mistake. I haven’t been able to finish the rest of it off.

Hmmm, may be it’ll be better recieved by the locals?…