Kashiwazaki earthquake

Just a few more image of the earthquake aftermath in Kashiwazaki, Niigata. I believe that this tall structure is the chimney to the incineration plant. But as you can see, the chimney is slightly tilting, and there’s a huge crack by the base of the chimney. I wonder if they are able to repair this, or is it coming down with a crash? Man-made structures in a earthquake don’t really stand a chance do they?

In anycase, there are plenty of flattened homes in Kashiwazaki, Kariya, and a few in Nishiyama. Most of the damage are to older wooden structures. Some of them even spreading off on to the street. And the streets themselves are full of cracks, and waves. Even today there was a small earthquake 4.2 rippling through while Iwas having breakfast. No longer an aftershock… The people of Japan can only keep their fingers crossed and hope that the BIG one doesn’t hit during our lifetime… heck, in any life time…

A slightly toppled over home.

Older buildings aren’t doing well.

A shop that has spilled on to the street.

Wavy roads, what can they do?