Well, as you can see my blog comes in spurts. To the untrained mind, my previous comment can be taken as something filthy, but it’s not.

Well, much has happened since my last entry… Heck, it’s been almost 1/2 a year. I flew back to Canada for a little bit back in March, (I know that a few of you are still awaiting me to upload those photos on my my non-existent flickr account) I performed at a concert in Feb, and my office structure has completely changed.

Well, (3rd paragraph beginning with the word “well”) at the beginning of April, my desk was magically moved to the Regional Promotions Division from the Policy Management Division… and my supervisor (of 12 years of Int’l Affairs experience) was swapped for a rookie whom has never been overseas. At least my desk is closer to a window, and I have much more privacy with my laptop. Not to say that I’ll be looking at un-worksafe material, but I can now squeeze in a couple of emails and blogs now… I guess.

I’d update more, but somehow my work load is aways staring down at me. Argh! Why am I so bloody ambitious when it comes to work!? I think that I’m chewing off more than I can swallow. (and once agian… my blog ends on a questionalble sentence… oh you dirty mind you…)


  1. Anonymous

    Manager swapped for a rookie with no experience. That sounds very Japanese to me. 🙂
    Not that I’ve ever encounter that or anything…….. Hope that doesn’t infere too much with your day to day job.

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