blah blah -arian…

If search engines and great online resources such as wikipedia didn’t exist, I’d surely spend less time online, and so-called get out more. But then again, as long as it’s here, I might as well use it and indulge my information addiction. Amazingly, when I’m travelling though, I don’t have the chance to read the new, catch up on email, etc, but I actually don’t miss it. Sometimes I feel as though I use the internet like a television, or classic television reruns. If it’s on I’ll watch it, but it’s it not there I won’t miss it. Hmmm, I’m such a simple creature. Take away my TV, I won’t miss it. Take away my internet, I’m sure that I’ll huff and puff for a wee bit, but I’ll live. How sad am I?

So, what was my discovery of the day? It’s the various vegetarian lifestyles that are out there.

Vegetarian – no fish nor meat, but may or may not consume dairy and egg products.
Lacto-ovo vegetarian – eggitarian or also a ovo-lacto vegetarian. One who can consume lacto (dairy products, cheese, butter, yogurt. etc) and/or ovo (egg) products as well as being a vegetarian. If the subject decides to avoid egg products, but consumes dairy products, they would be a lacto-vegetarian.
Pesco/pollo vegetarian – Chickifishitarian pesco, eats fish. pollo eats chicken. Most pesco/pollo vegetarians also tend to consume lacto/ovo products as well. People whom simply would like to avoid red meat tend to become pesco/pollo vegetarians.
Veganism – No consumption of animals products what so-ever. No dairy, eggs, fish, chicken, red meat, gelatin, honey and even wearing items of clothing made from animal products, such as wool, leather, feathers, pearls, etc.
Fruitarianism – A bit more extreme, or stronger branch of veganism. May only consume products which bear fruit, and sometimes goes as far as fruits that naturally fall. Many vegetables are avoided, such as carrots, onions since they are individual plants. Nuts are a frequented discussed topic.
Breatharianism – Living without food.
Flexitarian – A vegetarian at home, but will eat anything outside the home. A part-time vegetarian or a meat eating vegetarian.
Freeganism – Not really a food diet, but people who will not exchange money for food. Many go dumpster diving for food, trade, barter, shoplifting, gardening, scamming etc.
Macrobiotic diet – Eating of less processed food, and more traditionally cooked meals. Organic foods are greatly sought after. Tends to lean more towards normal Japanese cooking.

There are a few others, that are more geared towards ethnic and/or religious methods, but I figured that I’d just list these ones instead. So, as things stand as of now… since graduating uni, here are the various phases I’ve so-called gone through. Unfortunately, there are no definitions nor explanations of how long you would have to maintain such a diet to be so-called an official “blah-blah-tarian” If I wanted to be anal about things, could I state that this morning I was a breatharian because I missed breakfast, but then became a vegan at noon due to the meal I had, and then by evening, I was lacto-vegetarian?

Right after uni, I became a vegan, then a pesco-vegetarian since I started work at a Japanese restaurant. Then a pesco-pollo vegetarian. Then, was inspired back to becoming a vegan, but fell in love with cheese, so became a lacto-pesco-pollo vegetarian, and then kept on switch between a flexitarian and a lacto-pesco-pollo vegetarian to a I’ll eat anything. Now, I guess that I’m a flexitarian… Boy, the various stages I’ve gone through.

A list of types of vegetarians.