GPI ranking

Man, I just never find the time to update my blog. Anyways, I wanted to share a link to the new GPI ranking. (Global Peace Index).

As you can see, Scandanavian countries are ranked very high on the list. And Iceland ranks number 1. Iceland wasn’t ranked last year, but you can say that it’s quite peaceful as it was also the location of the Cold War Summit where Reagan and Gorbachev begain talks of reducing their nuclear arsenal… hmmmm, can’t remember if it was back in ’85, or ’86. I also recall reading somewhere that Iceland actually had a bit of a rough time then, as it’s so peaceful that they didn’t have enough police officers around to have proper security during the summit, though I could be mistaken.

Have you noticed where the United States rank? 97th out of 140 countries. Worst out of all the developed nations. I’m sure that there are many factors for this reason, which I won’t go into.

Anyways, enjoy the rest of your May. I’m off t plan my trip after Japan, which is a bit of a mess at the moment, as I can’t get into Tibet, and cycling the Friendship highway (runs between Lhasa, Tibet and Kathmandu, Nepal) was my main goal for this trip… sigh…


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