namasteOkay… I’ve been quite naughty. I haven’t been posting very much regarding my northern Pakistan trip. Well, as my excuse… I’ll just say that most internet connections which I found along the KKH (Karakoram Highway) was dial-up. And especially with the current image/bandwidth happy webpages, I was pretty much limited to just email.

As much as I’d love to upload photos, finding a suitable access point is always the key. And the time to do it… Anyways, I’ve finally arrived into Kathmandu, Nepal, and all I can say is that, I’m honestly missing northern Pakistan. I’m not saying that Northern Pakistan is better, as you really can’t compare the two places. One is over-run by tourists and foreigners, has plenty of places with hot showers, a wide selection of international cuisine and foods to choose from, fast internet connections, plenty of cheap affordable knock-off copies of camping gear/clothes, great selection of commodities, more relaxed religous views and the other doesn’t.

Somehow, the more challenging place (not even that challenging though) of Northern Pakistan seems to be more of my liking. It has it’s own charm. May be it’s because the current lack of tourism in Northern Pakistan makes you more special and important. Not special because you’re a foreigner and apparently have money, nor important because once again, you’re a source of cash. But more likely because as tourism in North Pakistan is currently struggling (actually always struggling due to various circumstances, transportational logistics, political situations, and unfortunate events) and your positive experience in North Pakistan is important to them, as your word-of-mouth to others is very important to them. Sure, there were plenty of businesses in North Pakistan who just wanted to squeeze every penny from you, and I’d be happy to write about them when I have to time, so they no longer get repeat or any further business until they learn a bit of customer service.

But most importantly, giving positive feedback and word-of-mouth to places who I believe gave great customer service and care should be rewarded and recognized… Of course, when I get the time that is… May be once I sorta get settled in Mysore, India. May be I’ll get a cheap computer and an internet connection, if that’s at all possible.

Anyways… a few days in Kathmandu to find my bearings, get my hiking gear, hiking permits, supplies, luggage, and a bit of self-indulgence sorted out. And then I’ll be off to the Annapurna Circuit and ABC (Annapurna Basecamp). Let’s see how packed the trails will be. I hear that, they’ll easily be over 100 hikers a day… phew!

*btw, I refuse to say trekkers or trekking, as the main definition implies that one migrates with the use of an ox wagon or train. And I’m not doing as such. I’m going hiking baby! or tramping/a walkabout/walk/rambling/roam/wandering… but not trekking.