A long day indeed.

Well, not quite a single day… But my on the move adventure pretty much begain on my birthday. Getting back to my family friends at 5:30 in the morning, off to lunch with a couple of friends… my last bowl of ramen (Japanese noodles) for the next while, and then heading off to any other city for some geekish fun and Japanese curry.

I boarded my overnight bus at 23:50ish and arrived in Tokyo by 04:30 in the morning. Then took the local train into Narita airport, which took a good 2.5 hours. At the airport, I finally got the bags I previously sent to the airport, with a few broken good of course. Anyways, I boarded my flight to Bangkok, which was quite pleasant. Quite empty, so I had plenty of seats to lay across. The new Bangkok airport was quite a surprise as it was quite wonderful. Though, plenty of posh shops about.

During most of my travels, I was quite worried about not having any Pakistani Rupees on hand. Quite a venture in itself as the banks in Canada and Japan all wanted a few business days, which I myself didn’t have. The airport in Toronto, Narita, nor Bangkok weren’t that helpful either. Anyway, the waiting room for my flight to Islamabad was quite interesting. Chinese business men, Pakistanis and me. Probably the only traveller. The flight to Islamabad was quite uneventful, but once landing on to the tarmac, the fun soon began. By the way, my flight landed at 23:30 and I was quite tired…

Anyways, military presence from the first step. By the time I reached the baggage carasoul, plenty of people asking for money and ready to take up my time. Fortunately, I found a money exchange still open, got some Rupees, and ventured out of the airport, which was either very courageous or stupid of me. If you travel with a single backpack, you can easily get around. But, if you’re loaded with a big bicycle box, huge duffle bag, and a backpack.. your mobility is quite limited.

Well, I grabbed a cab into town, trying to get to my hotel, but alas.. this cab driver just refused to go where I wanted to. So, of course I end up at some shoddy hotel, still demanding to go elsewhere, but what the feck am I to do with all this luggage taken as hostage. The shoddy hotel is actually listed on the LP guide, though the price they quoted was 3 times the amount. Even after showing them the page, and their price listing, I just wanted to get some privacy and rest. Who the feck pays $50US a night for a crap place with no toilet paper or hot water? Sure, they keep quoting how the posh hotels in Islamabad cost more, yeah at least they have hot water and toilet paper.

Anyways, even after checking-in, after some negotiaton, I try to rest up, but the crowds just keep the noise going and I’m ready to leave Islamabad already.