Wasting time…

Lonly Planet BooksOkay, last time… much of my time was spent making backups of many years worth of digital images. Makes me sorta wonder how the formats might change in a few years time, and all the work done is going to waste. I say this as I look back at the stack of burnt digital photo CDs which are stored away in CD sleeves at the moment. Should I spend the next wee while, re-burning them all into DVDs, DVD-DL? Or dump them into a large HDD? A waste of time? Saying that, I have realised that a number of backed up photo CDs have become unreadable due to wear and tear. Or simply because the CD itself was pretty cheap with crappy silver alloy or easily scratched label that cuts into the material components.

Anyways, on top of making backup of my digital images, I’ve been properly labeling my images, by going through my recent travel books. Sorta in hopes that in the near future, I’ll be able to post some informative travel into stuff on my renewed homepage, which is yet to be touched. I’ll get to you, just you wait.

Oh yes, with regards to doing something useful. I’m reviewing my web skills, and slowly getting started with PHP. I think that I’ve got WordPress under my best, though I’d like to begin designing my own themes… a good review of CSS and first attempt at PHP. Also, will be installing Joomla soon enough… while I also look for flexible part time work, and try to update my portfolio. (Not financial, art work and photo stuff)

Currently reading: Economics for Dummies (by Sean Masaki Flynn)
Today’s bit of happiness: Watched Top Gun and Back to the Future for the nth time. (I’ve been going through a wee 80s movie binge)